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3x ISS-ABOVE, your personal control centre for the ISS

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Share the fascination of space

Order three ISS-ABOVEs: one for you, one for your company, and donate one to your children’s school. This is the 3-pack at reduced price.


The ISS-ABOVE is your personal control centre for the International Space Station ISS.

Four cameras aboard the ISS allow a unique view of the Earth, which is usually reserved to the astronauts. Some camera views even show parts of the ISS, such as the docked Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. Sometimes, the docking and undocking manoeuvres of the Dragon-Capsule (SpaceX) or the Cygnus Spacecraft (Northrup Grumman) can be observed. The ISS-ABOVE brings this amazing view to your screen – at home, at work, into the lobby of your company or to your children’s school. A perfect way to convey the fascination of space flight!

The ISS-ABOVE combines the live feed of the external ISS cameras with informative screens about the ISS and with information on when you can observe the ISS with you naked eye. For this, you only need to configure the ISS-ABOVE to your location and provide an internet connection. You can set the location at the first start-up of your ISS-ABOVE and change it later, if necessary. Furthermore, other settings can be changed by the administrator such as the display time of the individual screens and the live feed, the display language and individual tweets, when the ISS passes overhead.

The ISS-ABOVE shows the position of the ISS above the Earth alongside with the orbital altitude and speed. Additionally, the current ISS crew members are shown with their names and their role aboard the ISS. Based on your location and the ISS orbit, the ISS-ABOVE provides information when the ISS will pass over your head the next time and when this pass is visible to the naked eye. This is usually the case in the evenings and early mornings when the solar illumination is reflected from the ISS solar panels. During the day the Sun is too bright and no reflection occurs during the night time because the Earth is in-between the ISS and the Sun. The PiGlow module indicates when the next ISS pass will occur, even without connecting or turning on the Screen.

The ISS-ABOVE currently supports the following screen languages: English, German, French, Spanish.

The ISS-ABOVE is a standalone unit based on a Raspberry Pi.

Included in the delivery

  • 3x ISS-ABOVE unit with PiGlow module (ports: MicroUSB, HDMI, Audio, 4xUSB, Ethernet, WIFI)
  • 3x universal power supply
  • 3x installation guide & poster



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