Support for the ISS-ABOVE

The ISS-ABOVE is a small standalone unit based on a Raspberry Pi that Displays lots of useful information about the International Space Station ISS, its position and visibility as well as live HD video from cameras on board the ISS. It was invented by Liam Kennedy in the USA, who is also providing first direct support for all technical issues.

Contact the ISS-ABOVE support (English only!):

For questions concerning the installation of the ISS-ABOVE as well as full technical support, please contact Liam directly using the contact form below. Typically, you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Contact the European shop:

Of course, you can contact us directly as well. For all questions around the European online shop, for your own ideas around the ISS-ABOVE and for all other questions concerning space and spaceflight we are available and ready to help.

In case of Hardware issues with your own ISS-ABOVE, we will provide immediate trouble shooting or exchange based on our warranty conditions.